5 Reasons Why You Should Eat at Our Restaurant in Sevierville

fort worth steakhouse sign and building in sevierville

If you’ve been searching for an incredible place to eat with a unique cuisine to the Smoky Mountain area, then you’ve come to the right place! Fort Worth Steakhouse is an expert in Texas barbecue, Mexican cuisine, and grilled steaks that will make your mouth water. But our food isn’t the only reason why you should come eat with us! Check out these 5 reasons why you should check our our restaurant in Sevierville:

1. We serve delicious barbecue and Texas dishes.

brisket tacos with lettuce and cheese from Fort Worth Steakhouse in seviervilleYou won’t find a better place to get mouth-watering food than at our restaurant in Sevierville! From smoky barbecue classics to delicious Texas cuisine, you’ll be able to get what sounds the best to you! If you find yourself craving a Spanish flair, start out with our chile con queso or street corn. For your main course, try the Southwest Spaghetti, roasted corn, black beans, chicken, chipotle cream sauce, and jack cheese, or the margarita chicken, tequila-lime marinated grilled chicken topped with pico de gallo and a balsamic glaze. Guests who would rather indulge in authentic Texan barbecue will love the melt-in-your-mouth brisket, sweet-and-sticky pork spare ribs, or a whole barbecue platter. You can’t go wrong with any of the food on our menu.

2. You won’t find this cuisine anywhere else.

A huge reason why you’ll want to eat at our restaurant in Sevierville is because you won’t find this kind of food anywhere else. While you may find other barbecue restaurants or Mexican cantinas, there’s no place that serves it Texas style. Our owner visited the great state of Texas to bring the authentic flavors and dishes to the visitors of the Smoky Mountains because it was unique to the area. You’ll love having a new type of food to enjoy on vacation!

3. We have a huge drink menu.

Fort Worth Steakhouse barWe can’t proudly talk about being Texas at heart without serving delicious drinks! To pair with your meal, you can get a traditional or flavored margarita, like strawberry, peach, or blueberry pomegranate. We also have added a little spice to one of our margs with a mango tajin flavor! Some of the other cocktails we have on our menu (with a little of our own twist) are old fashioned, a chihuahua mule, and a pina colada. You’ll also find spirits of all varieties, beers, and wines.

4. There’s something for the kids.

We haven’t forgotten about the youngest members of your crew! We’ve created a menu just for the kids with their favorite meals. Get them to try a Bronco burger, which is the same brisket blend that the big “kids” get to have. There’s also chicken tenders, fried catfish, a smoked turkey sandwich, and a smoked brisket sandwich! Pair their entree with fries, mashed potatoes, potato salad, or a junior salad, and top it off with their favorite drink!

5. You’ll love our rustic theme.

bar and people sitting at tables in Fort Worth SteakhouseAnother reason why you don’t want to miss eating at our restaurant in Sevierville is the incredible theme. We’ve gone all out to make sure you feel like you’ve left Tennessee and been transported straight to Texas. There are ranch-themed decorations, like pictures of horses and cows, wooden accents all throughout the dining room, and even the building and landscaping looks like they came from the great state. All of the decor will just enhance your experience when you bite into that taco or brisket sandwich!

We know these facts will make you want to try our incredible restaurant in Sevierville the next time you’re in town. Do you have questions about our menu or special accommodations? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help you!