7 Appetizers You Have to Try at Our Sevierville Restaurant

appetizers on bar

When you visit our Sevierville restaurant, there are so many incredible dishes to choose from – including our wide selection of tasty appetizers that will help get you ready for your main course while enjoying the flavors of Texas! From our street corn and shrimp poppers, to our Worth Wings and Texas Two Step Rolls, there is no shortage of appetizer choices that will leave you craving more. Whether you want to order appetizers to share with the table, or get something all to yourself, you’re sure to find something you’ll love on this list of appetizers you have to try at our Sevierville restaurant:

1. Street Corn

One popular appetizer here at our Sevierville restaurant is our street corn! To create this dish, we dip sweet corn into lime aioli, then grill it, and finally top it with cotija cheese and chile powder for a delicious start to your meal! Try our amazing street corn next time you visit us for a meal.

2. Texas Twinkies

texas twinkiesEnjoy a taste of the Southwest with our Texas Twinkies! This amazing appetizer consists of bacon-wrapped whole jalapeños stuffed with chopped brisket, colby cheese, herbs, and spices. Finally, the Texas Twinkies are grilled and basted in a Texas BBQ sauce for a burst of flavor!

3. Onion Ring Tower

You’ll love our take on the classic onion ring tower appetizer! Our hand-battered onion rings are served with BBQ ranch sauce for a Texas-style starter the whole family can enjoy.

4. Worth Wings

worth wingsAnother classic appetizer at our Sevierville restaurant is our delicious Worth Wings! These wings are smoked, fried, sauced, and grilled to perfection for a great start to your meal. Additionally, the Worth Wings are served with our signature sticky finger sauce for an incredible burst of flavor!

5. Shrimp Poppers

A crowd-favorite, our shrimp poppers are sure to hit the spot and get you ready for your main course! Our shrimp poppers are stuffed with jalapeño and cream cheese, then fried in batter for a savory appetizer that you’re sure to love!

6. Brisket Nachos

nachosTry our take on a classic Southwestern dish with our Brisket Nachos! Our nachos consist of fresh fried corn tortillas, house-smoked chopped brisket, black beans, jalapeños, pico de gallo, colby jack cheese, and aji crema for a savory experience that everyone can enjoy while waiting for their main course!

7. Texas Two Step Rolls

Savor the flavors of Texas with our Texas Two Step Rolls! These delicious fried egg rolls are filled with chicken, black beans, and corn, and served with chipotle ranch. The whole family will love sharing these amazing appetizers!

As you can see, there are so many delicious appetizers to choose from when you visit our Sevierville restaurant. In fact, you may have to come back multiple times so that you can try them all! Whether you choose to chow down on some crispy onion rings or our signature brisket nachos, we’re confident you’ll love enjoying our appetizers here at Fort Worth Steakhouse! Check out our menu here and find out about more of the incredible food options at our Sevierville restaurant.