5 of Our Dishes You’ll Love to Enjoy During Winter in the Smokies

food on table at Fort Worth Steakhouse

There’s nothing quite like spending winter in the Smokies! From the festive holiday cheer in the towns to the beauty of the snowy mountain peaks, there is so much to enjoy when you spend a winter vacation here in the Smoky Mountains. And when you do come to visit in the wintertime, make sure to stop by Fort Worth Steakhouse, where we’re serving up some of the best dishes to warm your belly when it’s cold outside! Here are some of our dishes that you won’t want to miss out on when you visit for winter in the Smokies:

1. Brisket Chili

One of our dishes that you’re sure to love when the weather is cold is our brisket chili! This is the perfect dish to help you get warm after a chilly hike or whatever other adventures you are having here in the Smoky Mountains. Our Texas black bean, brisket chili is topped with sour cream, Colby Jack cheese, jalapeños, and crispy tortillas for a dish that will leave you warm and satisfied. Like all of our soups, this delicious dish is made daily right here at our restaurant!

2. Chicken Tortilla Soup

chicken tortilla soupAnother dish that you won’t want to miss out on when you come for winter in the Smokies is our chicken tortilla soup! Made with smoked chicken, spicy tomato broth, and topped with crispy tortillas, this is a Texas-style take on a winter favorite. Pair your soup with another item for our menu or make it a meal in itself — there’s no wrong way to enjoy it! And of course, we make our chicken tortilla soup each day right here at Fort Worth Steakhouse.

3. Filet Mignon

Although Filet Mignon can be enjoyed at any time of year, there’s something about winter in the Smokies that makes this crowd-favorite hit the spot even more than usual! Our center cut beef tenderloins can be prepared with your choice of toppers, including shrimp, onions, mushrooms, and more. You will also be able to enjoy a side salad and your choice of one side when you opt for this incredible meal!

4. Baby Back Ribs

fort worth ribsAnother dish that you’ll love to experience during winter in the Smokies is our baby back ribs. Our mesquite-smoked baby back ribs are dusted in our house dry rub and basted in Texas BBQ for an authentic flavor that will leave you wanting more. Of course, that’s not a problem, as they are available in half or full racks for any size appetite!

5. Pulled Pork Plate

Our pulled pork plate is yet another dish that’s sure to hit the spot when you’re visiting for winter in the Smokies. This dish is rubbed and smoked for 12 hours and then served with our signature tangy BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and baked beans. This is a hearty meal that will leave you ready to head back out into the chilly mountain air to continue enjoying all the area has to offer.

When you try some of these delicious dishes this winter in the Smokies, you’ll be able to leave feeling warmed to the core and ready for adventures! You can check out our full menu here to see the entire selection of options that await you when you join us for a meal here at Fort Worth Steakhouse.