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5 of Our Dishes You’ll Love to Enjoy During Winter in the Smokies

There’s nothing quite like spending winter in the Smokies! From the festive holiday cheer in the towns to the beauty of the snowy mountain peaks, there is so much to enjoy when you spend a winter vacation here in the Smoky Mountains. And when you do come to visit in the wintertime, make sure to stop by Fort Worth Steakhouse, where we’re serving up some of the best dishes to warm your belly when it’s cold outside! Here are some of our dishes that you won’t want to miss out on when you visit for winter in the Smokies:

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Fort Worth Steakhouse exterior during the day

Top 5 Smoky Mountain Restaurants You Have to Try

When you visit the Smoky Mountains, you will have no shortage of incredible ways to spend your time. But in order to enjoy everything the area has to offer, you’ll want to stay fueled up by eating at some of the best Smoky Mountain restaurants! In addition to our restaurant here in Sevierville, there are plenty of great restaurants here in the Smoky Mountains where you’ll be able to enjoy the flavors of the region and more. Here are some of the top Smoky Mountain restaurants you have to try when you come to visit:

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fall colors on road

4 Places to See Fall Colors in the Smoky Mountains After Eating With Us

If you’re planning to visit the Smoky Mountains this fall, seeing the fall colors will be near the top of the list of must-do activities (after visiting Fort Worth Steakhouse, of course)! After you finish a delicious meal here at our Sevierville restaurant, you’ll have no shortage of amazing options for where to see the fall colors in the Smoky Mountains. Here are a few of our favorite spots!

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gatlinburg skybridge

5 Stops to Make on the Way From Sevierville to Gatlinburg

Once you finish a delicious meal here at Fort Worth Steakhouse, you’ll be fueled up and ready for adventures here in the Smoky Mountains! If you’re planning to head to Gatlinburg after dining with us, there are lots of great stops you can make on the way from Sevierville to Gatlinburg to spice up the drive and visit interesting locations. From museums, to mini-golf, and more, here are some of the best stops to make on the way from Sevierville to Gatlinburg:

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appetizers on bar

7 Appetizers You Have to Try at Our Sevierville Restaurant

When you visit our Sevierville restaurant, there are so many incredible dishes to choose from – including our wide selection of tasty appetizers that will help get you ready for your main course while enjoying the flavors of Texas! From our street corn and shrimp poppers, to our Worth Wings and Texas Two Step Rolls, there is no shortage of appetizer choices that will leave you craving more. Whether you want to order appetizers to share with the table, or get something all to yourself, you’re sure to find something you’ll love on this list of appetizers you have to try at our Sevierville restaurant:

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skyland ranch

7 Things to Do in Sevierville TN Before You Eat at Our Restaurant

When you visit Sevierville, there’s no shortage of incredible adventures that await you! After a day of exploring the exciting attractions in the area, you'll undoubtedly work up an appetite. But before you savor a delicious meal at Fort Worth Steakhouse, why not make the most of your time by experiencing some of the best attractions Sevierville has to offer? From thrilling water parks to educational zoo visits, Sevierville has something for everyone. These are some of the best things to do in Sevierville TN before indulging in a delightful meal at Fort Worth Steakhouse:

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